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  • May 18 2017
    Spoon Gordon Ballew Insurance Law Attorneys

    Legal assistance is not cheap. A client pays a lawyer for the lawyer’s expertise in specific areas of the law. This is a brief look at some of the most common ways in which a lawyer charges a client for the services provided. Hourly Fees: Hourly billing is the most common type of billing lawyers  Read more ➝

  • Mar 8 2017

    Picking a good insurance company is important, but avoiding the wrong ones is more important. This brief article will discuss a case out of Utah, Campbell v. State Farm, 2001 UT 89. In it, the Utah Supreme Court discusses the business practices employed nationwide by State Farm intended to maximize profits while minimizing expenses. The  Read more ➝

  • Feb 10 2017
    Spoon Gordon Ballew Blog

    Many people do not know what actually happens when one person “sues” another.  The path to a jury is not straight or quick, but involves significant preparation and planning.  This brief guide is meant to be a brief overview of the typical steps necessary to prevail on a civil lawsuit filed in state court. The  Read more ➝