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What is personal injury litigation?

The term “personal injury” is quite broad and includes many different areas of the law. In a general sense, personal injury litigation is the process of seeking money for harm or damage caused to one person by another. That harm can be anything from a broken bone to damage to one’s professional reputation from another’s  Read more ➝

Slip and Falls on Your Property – When Are You Responsible?

If you own a house, a business or a piece of property, you have probably worried about whether or not you can be held responsible for “slip and fall” injuries. The following is a brief explanation of the general rules of premises liability. The law in Montana used to separate people coming onto your property  Read more ➝

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What Does it Cost to Hire a Lawyer?

Legal assistance is not cheap. A client pays a lawyer for the lawyer’s expertise in specific areas of the law. This is a brief look at some of the most common ways in which a lawyer charges a client for the services provided. Hourly Fees: Hourly billing is the most common type of billing lawyers  Read more ➝

A Brief Look Inside An Insurance Company’s Secret Playbook

Picking a good insurance company is important, but avoiding the wrong ones is more important. This brief article will discuss a case out of Utah, Campbell v. State Farm, 2001 UT 89. In it, the Utah Supreme Court discusses the business practices employed nationwide by State Farm intended to maximize profits while minimizing expenses. The  Read more ➝

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The Anatomy of a Civil Lawsuit

Many people do not know what actually happens when one person “sues” another.  The path to a jury is not straight or quick, but involves significant preparation and planning.  This brief guide is meant to be a brief overview of the typical steps necessary to prevail on a civil lawsuit filed in state court. The  Read more ➝

Things you should know: Medical Malpractice Claims

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, as many as 225,000 people die each year from acts of medical negligence. This includes around 12,000 deaths from unnecessary surgery and 7,000 deaths from medication errors in hospitals. Despite the prevalence of healthcare provider malpractice and the often devastating effects of even small acts of  Read more ➝

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Employment Laws Everyone Should know

Employment laws everyone should know  Note: this posting was an update and modification (to include Montana law) of a 2010 post written by Donna Marie Ballman.  The original post is available at https://www.avvo.com/legal-guides/ugc/employee-rights-overview Discrimination You have the right to be free from discrimination in several contexts.  The most common context is employment, however anti-discrimination laws  Read more ➝

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What are your thoughts on ‘Marcy’s Law’?

Blog Post from Montana Cowgirl Blog, See full article HERE James Conner at the Flathead Memo wrote this week about “Marsy’s Law,” a ballot measure for which signatures are now being gathered in Montana.  Marsy’s Law is what is known by its advocates as a “victims Bill of Rights,” and is modeled on a ballot measure  Read more ➝

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Preparing for a Deposition

You have been called as a witness in a deposition in a civil case. A deposition (sometimes called a statement under oath, or “SUO”) consists primarily of questions by lawyers and your answers, under oath, with your lawyer present. A deposition is not a trial. There is no judge or jury present, and nobody is  Read more ➝