Can I drive any car with motor trade insurance?

Can you drive any car on traders insurance?

The short answer to the question, can I drive a car on traders insurance, is no. Unless you have a motor trade business, you will not qualify for a traders insurance and cannot drive vehicles that are not registered in your name. However, having a traders insurance is not the same as your personal car insurance.

Can I drive a car without insurance trade plates?

Trade plates cannot be used on unroadworthy vehicles. All vehicles must be covered by insurance and have a valid MoT in place, unless they are exempt from MoT requirements. All unroadworthy vehicles must be transported.

Can anyone get a traders policy?

To be eligible for a motor trader policy, you must provide proof that you operate within the motor trade industry. So, if you run a business that is related to either cars, vans or motorbikes and involves servicing or even selling vehicles, you would qualify for a motor trader policy.

Does business insurance cover any car?

Business car insurance covers your car if you use it for work. This is different to a standard policy, which only provides cover for social use and commuting. It’s important to make sure your car is insured at all times, whichever class of use.

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Can a motor trader drive a Sorn car?

Short answer is yes, of course you can, as long as the trade plates are being used correctly.

Do traders have to tax cars?

Trade plates should be used if the vehicle is used on the road for test drives, delivery etc. There is no requirement for a dealer to tax a vehicle in their stock unless they want to use it for example as a staff car.

Does trade insurance cover uninsured cars?

To summarise, yes you can drive an uninsured vehicle that was uninsured prior to you driving the vehicle, which is now insured because your motor trade insurance policy details that it is.

Can you drive a car with no tax and MOT on trade plates?

You shouldn’t test drive a car with no MoT because it’s on trade plates, the only reasons this vehicle can be driven are to/from an MoT or to test the condition of the car when it’s undergoing repair work. If caught by the police, you could get into trouble for driving it when you know it doesn’t have an MoT.

What does a motor traders policy cover?

Motor trade insurance covers businesses to work on and drive their customers’ vehicle and vehicles the company owns. That cover may extend to just the business owner, certain members of the team or everyone who works for the business.

Do trade plates cover tax?

What Are Trade Plates? Trade plates allow people working in the motor trade that are in temporary possession of a vehicle (or vehicles), to drive and move them without having to tax and register them first.

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Can a 17 year old get traders insurance?

That means a driver who passes their test at the age of 17 could be insured on a motor trade insurance policy at the age of 18. But Will This Bump up Your Insurance Costs? Insurance for younger drivers often costs more because younger drivers are statistically more likely to have an accident than older drivers.