Can I drive someone else’s car without insurance UK?

What happens if someone drives your car without insurance UK?

The UK law states that it is illegal to drive a vehicle on a road or in a public place without at least third-party insurance. … These penalties are a fine of up to £5,000, an endorsement of between six and eight penalty points on your driving license and a possible disqualification from driving.

What happens if I let someone drive my car without insurance?

If not, you could face serious consequences if caught driving without insurance. This includes license suspension and fines up to $50,000, even if it is not your vehicle. Letting someone drive your car is not a decision you should take too lightly.

Can you get in trouble for letting someone drive your car uninsured?

Letting an uninsured driver use your car is risky. If the person who borrows your car has their own insurance, that insurance may cover the costs if they have an accident. … If your friend causes damage that exceeds your policy’s limits, you may have to pay the rest of the costs yourself, and could even be sued.

Can someone drive my car uninsured?

It’s illegal to drive without insurance

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The bottom line is you must have insurance to drive a car, whether it’s yours or somebody else’s.

Can my girlfriend drive my car without insurance?

Some insurance companies have a permissive use clause. This means that if your boyfriend or girlfriend drives your vehicle for less than ten times a year, and if you have given them permission to drive your vehicle, they may already be covered without you having to add them to your policy.

How does insurance work if someone borrows your car?

Your auto insurance policy is responsible for your car when someone else driving it is involved in an accident. … If a friend borrows your car and causes an accident, your insurance policy pays for any at-fault damages. A rule of thumb to remember in this situation is “car insurance follows the car, not the driver.”

What happens if I let my friend drive my car?

In most cases, if you give permission to someone else to drive your car (making them a permissive driver) and they cause an accident, your insurance will cover the costs. … If the person who was driving your car doesn’t have their own insurance, they may be on the hook financially for damages to the other party.