Can someone steal your identity with your Medicare card?

What if someone gets your Medicare number?

If someone calls you and asks for your Medicare Number or other personal information, hang up and call us at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). … If you suspect identity theft, or feel like you gave your personal information to someone you shouldn’t have, contact the Federal Trade Commission.

Is it safe to give out your Medicare number?

Don’t share your Medicare Number or other personal information with anyone who contacts you by phone, email, or by approaching you in person, unless you’ve given them permission in advance. … – A Medicare health or drug plan can call you if you’re already a member of the plan.

Is it safe to carry your Medicare card with you?

Your personal information could be used fraudulently to obtain medical care or submit billing to Medicare in your name. Today, your Medicare number is no longer your SSN. You can carry your Medicare card with you when you have a doctor’s appointment, but it still needs to be protected.

What can a scammer do with a Medicare number?

If you get a call from people promising you things if you give them your Medicare Number — don’t do it. This is a common Medicare scam. Refuse any offer of money or gifts for free medical care. A common ploy of identity thieves is to say they can send you your free gift right away — they just need your Medicare Number.

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Does Medicare ever contact you by phone?

Medicare or Social Security will never call you! They generally will send you a letter to let you know you need to contact them.

Does Medicare send text messages?

Sending you Medicare messages:

If you give us permission, we’ll send you emails and text messages. We also may use the phone number you provide to call you about Medicare services.

Does Medicare ask for your social security number?

Medicare plans and people who represent them can’t do any of these things: Ask for your Social Security Number, bank account number, or credit card information unless it’s needed to verify membership, determine enrollment eligibility, or process an enrollment request.

Does Social Security automatically send you a Medicare card?

Yes. If you are receiving Social Security, the Social Security Administration will automatically sign you up at age 65 for parts A and B of Medicare. … Social Security will send you sign-up instructions at the beginning of your initial enrollment period, three months before the month of your 65th birthday.

Is Medicare card same as Social Security card?

Instead of your Social Security Number (SSN), your new Medicare card will include a new number unique to you. This will help to protect you against identity theft and protect Medicare from fraud. Medicare will automatically mail your new card to the address you have on file with Social Security.

Can I use a photo of my Medicare card?

It is important your personal information is up to date, including a valid Medicare card, before you see your Doctor. … We do accept photos or alternatively you are able to download it from Medicare

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