Does a muffler delete void warranty Volkswagen?

Does aftermarket exhaust void VW warranty?

Do Aftermarket Parts Void a Warranty? No. If you decide to have an aftermarket part installed on your car instead of an OEM part, you do not loose your warranty coverage. You are free to use any part that has been designed for your specific car.

Does a Catback void warranty VW?

A catback will not void the warranty on anything except your stock catback.

Is having a muffler delete illegal?

If your car was sold new with a muffler, it is likely that removing the muffler will contravene the rules set down in NSW legislation which can be found here. Bear in mind that other territories may have different rules (e.g. SA virtually renders it impossible to do anything other than minor cosmetic changes).

Will changing muffler void warranty?

The truth of the matter is that adding an aftermarket exhaust system to your vehicle will not void your warranty in most cases. … However, if a problem arises that a mechanic can trace back to the aftermarket system you installed, then your warranty (or a portion of it) will be voided.

Does awe exhaust void warranty?

Limited Warranty

Upon verification of warranty coverage, A.W.E. Tuning will repair or replace the defective product at their discretion, without charge. This is the only remedy the Consumer has for any loss or damage, however arising, due to nonconformity in or defect of the product.

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Will a Catback exhaust void warranty?

What about a cat back exhaust system? Since most high quality systems, at least those systems that are 50 state legal, are installed behind the catalytic converters, there should be no warranty concerns to other components, even emissions components.

Does changing exhaust void warranty Australia?

We believe that in some cases motorists are potentially being misled over their entitlements under Australian Consumer Law. The fact is modifying a vehicle does not, in itself, automatically void a manufacturer’s warranty.

Will no muffler hurt my engine?

Mufflers are designed to reduce sound, but they do it at the cost of horsepower and fuel efficiency. Removing the muffler can only stand to increase engine performance.

Does muffler delete affect gas mileage?

In short, the answer is no. Muffler delete will not impact gas mileage in any way. Muffler is a sound suppressing device that reduces the intensity of sound waves from combustion. … If you are just researching before actually doing it, then don’t worry – muffler delete will not impact your gas mileage.