How do I use Rheem warranty?

How do I submit a Rheem warranty claim?

File a Rheem Warranty Claim Over the Phone

If you wish to file a warranty claim for a water heater, your best bet is to contact Rheem Technical Service at 1-800-432-8373. They will redirect you to another service if necessary. You can reach them on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

How does the Rheem water heater warranty work?

A Rheem water heater warranty includes labor allowances for independent dealer-owned businesses to repair defects within one year of purchase. After the initial 365 days, the manufacturer will only cover parts and components that are under warranty.

What is covered under Rheem warranty?

During the nine (9) year Limited Warranty, which immediately follows the 3-year Full Warranty period, Rheem will provide replacement of any part that fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship. A replacement water heater will be provided should the tank leak after the original installation.

How do I find out if my water heater is still under warranty?

You can tell the warranty at a glance by examining the first two to three digits of the model number. The length drops to one year when the heater is installed in any building other than a single family home.

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How long is warranty on Rheem tankless water heater?

Rheem Water Heater Warranty Coverage

Series Length of Warranty
Series Length of Warranty
Classic 6-year limited tank and parts
Classic Plus 8-years limited tank and parts
Prestige 12-year limited tank and parts

What voids a water heater warranty?

If your water heater stops working due to an issue with the way the components were set or adjusted, then your heater’s warranty becomes void, and the manufacturer will not cover the cost of repair. … This ensures that your family and appliances are safe and extends the longevity of the water heater.

Does installing your own water heater void the warranty?

Financially speaking, many homeowner insurance policies specifically require installation be done by a licensed plumber or the coverage is void. Likewise, most manufacturers’ warranties will be voided if the work is not done by a licensed plumber.

How much does it cost to replace an evaporator coil in an air conditioner?

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