How does Microsoft Surface warranty work?

How does Surface warranty work?

The standard warranty covers hardware defects only and does not provide any coverage for accidental damage. Technical support provides help and technical assistance for preinstalled software for the first 90 days after purchase. … Microsoft Complete extends the standard warranty and includes accidental damage protection.

What is covered in Surface warranty?

Protect your investment in Surface

Every Surface comes with a minimum 1-year warranty1 for hardware defects and malfunctions, and technical support options. To maximise your Surface investment, you may want more.

How do I claim warranty on my Surface?

With a new purchase of an Xbox or a Surface device. From the Microsoft Store App by searching for Microsoft Complete and adding the plan within 45 days since the purchase. By contacting Microsoft’s customer support over the phone at 1-877-696-7786.

How long does a Surface warranty last?

Compare Microsoft Protection Plans

Manufacturer Hardware Warranty Microsoft Extended Hardware Service
Duration: 1 year1 Duration: Up to 3 years
Day of Type Cover/Keyboard purchase Available within 45 days of Type Cover/ Keyboard purchase
Includes: Mechanical breakdown Includes: Mechanical breakdown Advanced Exchange
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Is Surface Charger covered under warranty?

The charger that was supplied with your Surface has the same warranty as your Surface (one year is the standard warranty).

How do I find out if my Surface Pro is still under warranty?

Check your Microsoft warranty

  1. Sign in to with your account.
  2. Select the device that you want to check the warranty on.
  3. In Device coverage, you’ll see what kind of warranty coverage your device has and how much time is left.

How do I know if I have Microsoft Complete?

MS Complete is tied to your serial number. Register your device and then you shouldbe able to see a blue box with a checkmark saying that your Surface also has accidental damage protection.

How do I extend my Microsoft warranty?

To extend warranty coverage for your Xbox system, you can purchase Microsoft Complete with Accidental Damage Coverage at the time of your console purchase or within 45 days of console purchase.

How do I tell which Surface pro I have?

How can I tell what model Surface Pro I have?

  1. Using Cortana, search on system information.
  2. Select System Information in the list of results.
  3. Find System Model under the Item column.
  4. The model info for your Surface will appear in the Value column next to System Model.

How do I check my Surface warranty?

You can see the warranty type for your device and the coverage dates under the Your Surface tab in the Surface app. You can also go to and select a device to see its warranty.

How old is my Surface Pro?

To know the age, look for the sticker on your computer having the lot number. If your lot number is 1631, it means it was made in 31st week of 2016.

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What model Surface do I have?

Select the Start button, enter surface, then select Surface app from the list of results. In the Surface app, select Device information. Under Device information, look at the value next to Surface model.