How long has Embrace Pet Insurance been in business?

Who is the CEO of Embrace Pet Insurance?

Brian Macias

Beginning his career as a mortgage banker at Quicken Loans, Brian worked his way up to an executive leadership position at the company and has since created significant growth in similar roles at National General Insurance and other entrepreneurial ventures.

Is Embrace Pet Insurance accepted everywhere?

No networks, no hassle. With Embrace Pet Insurance you can visit any general, specialist or emergency veterinarian in California, across the United States, or even around the globe. No matter what licensed vet you see, you’re covered.

Can you take out pet insurance after diagnosis?

Can you insure a pet with medical conditions? You can, but most standard insurers won’t cover any pre-existing medical conditions. You’ll need to find a specialist insurer if you want cover for any medical conditions your pet has. You can still get pet insurance with run-of-the-mill pet insurers.

Can I use pet insurance straight away?

Can I use pet insurance right away? For most traditional accident/illness pet insurance policies, you won’t be able to submit a claim right away. Policies may require you to wait up to 14 days or longer after your enrollment becomes active before you can submit an insurance claim.

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Does Banfield pet Hospital do euthanasia?

End of life care

When it’s time for end-of-life care, we’re here to discuss humane options, including in-office euthanasia.

Is there a waiting period for dog insurance?

You might find that a policy will cover accidents immediately, but not illnesses or long-term health conditions. Be sure to check which conditions the policy limits or excludes. Most policies have a waiting period of around 30 days before you can make a claim, but this can vary.

How long do pet insurance claims take?

Processing a pet insurance claim is usually straightforward and it should take between 10-20 working days to get a payout.

Can pet insurance find out about pre-existing conditions?

Does pet insurance cover pre-existing conditions? No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, but a pre-existing condition will never prevent you from obtaining pet insurance coverage. Whether your pet’s pre-existing condition is curable or not will determine your coverage options for that condition.