Is accidental damage covered by HP warranty?

Is accidental damage cover by HP Care Pack?

Our various packages will get you covered on any technical concerns that you desire for your HP device. Ease your worries when you opt for the Accidental Damage Protection that covers spills, drops, falls and more.

What is not covered under HP warranty?

The standard limited license, however, does not cover damages stemming from: Accidents, abuse or use of HP product outside of the given instructions. The warranty does not cover non-HP products or peripherals, along with software applications or programs.

What is covered by HP warranty?

Standard Warranty Coverage

With the standard one-year limited warranty, you will be covered for repair or replacement of parts deemed defective. The warranty does not cover accidents, abuse or use of an HP product outside of the standard-use instructions included with the product.

How does HP warranty work?

Your HP Limited Warranty may include a pick-up and return warranty service. Under the terms of pick-up and return service, HP will pick up the defective HP Hardware Product from your location, repair it, and return it to your location. HP will incur all repair, logistics, and insurance costs for this service.

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Does HP cover water damage?

With this coverage, the customer receives protection against accidental damage. Some examples are as follows: Liquid spills.

Does HP Care Pack cover screen replacement?

Repairs, parts and labor, even device replacements — it’s all covered by your Care Pack.

What is HP 3 Year Protection Plan?

HP 3 year Protection Plan

HP Rewards is a loyalty program where users earn HP Rewards points by buying eligible HP Products.

Will HP replace my laptop under warranty?

Please be advised that your unit is covered under repair only warranty. Any electronic products has chances of failure. Thus all electronic products have warranty policy which clarifies that against technical failure during the warranty period will get rectified without any additional charge.

Does laptop cover physical damage?

What is Laptop Insurance? Laptop insurance offers comprehensive coverage for laptop devices from various risks. The risks may include theft, liquid spills, fire, and accidental damage along with electrical and mechanical breakdown. It helps meet the heavy repair expenses.

Does warranty cover accidental damage laptop?

Your warranty normally covers you for mechanical failure, rather than things like accidental damage or theft. If you want to be protected against a few more eventualities, it’s worth insuring your laptop alongside your warranty.

How do I claim my HP warranty?

How To Submit an HP Warranty Claim Online

  1. Open HP’s Contact Page.
  2. Tap Go under Contact Support.
  3. Select the Virtual Agent option.
  4. Choose Warranty or Repairs.
  5. Select the topic you need help with.
  6. Provide the details about your issue and select the warranty service option.
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