What does the letter C at the end of a Medicare’s ID number mean?

What does AT mean at the end of your Medicare number?

The “T” stands for temporary and when you receive your Social Security check, then your Medicare number will change from ending in a “T” to having “A” at the end. … An “A” at the end of your Social Security number indicates that you receive Medicare benefits because you paid into the program while you were working.

What are the letters after the Medicare number?

These Medicare claim numbers will never appear on a Social Security card. For example, if you are the wage earner applying for benefits and your Social Security number is 123-45-6789, then your claim number is 123-45-6789A.

Code Identification
M1 Uninsured – Qualified for but refused Health Insurance Benefits (Part A)

What is a Medicare ID number?

Your Medicare number, also known as the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI), contains eleven random letters and numbers. It shows on the red, white, and blue Medicare card. You can also find it on paperwork you receive from the Social Security Administration. Otherwise, contact your local Medicare or SSA office.

What does the C stand for on my Social Security card?

C. Child. We use the term “child” to include your biological child or any other child who can inherit your personal property under state law or who meets certain specific requirements under the Social Security Act, such as any of these: A legally adopted child.

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What is C1 on Social Security?

Example: Mildred receives survivor’s benefits on the account of her deceased husband, Baxter. Mildred’s SSN is 444-34-5555.

Social Security Claim Numbers.

Code Identification
C1-C9 Child – Includes disabled or student child
D Aged Widow
D1 Widower
D6 Surviving Divorced Wife

What does C1 after Medicare number mean?

Numerical suffixes following “C” indicate the child’s relationship to the primary claimant. The youngest child gets code C1, the next youngest gets C2, and so on through C9 and then from CA to CZ. … Code H — indicates Medicare eligibility due to disability. HA means you are a disabled claimant.

How do you read a Medicare number?

It’s the number next to your name on your Medicare card.

This is not a unique identifier. While your Individual Reference Number is the number to the left of your name on your card, your Medicare Card Number is the 10 digit number that appears above your name, across the top section of the card.

What do the different letters of Medicare mean?

There are four parts of Medicare: Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D. Part A provides inpatient/hospital coverage. Part B provides outpatient/medical coverage. … Part D provides prescription drug coverage.

What does a Medicare ID look like?

MBIs are numbers and upper-case letters. We’ll use numbers 0-9 and all letters from A to Z, except for S, L, O, I, B, and Z. This will help the characters be easier to read. If you use lowercase letters, our system will convert them to uppercase letters.

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