What is a AA Warranty?

What does AA warranty mean?

Our comprehensive warranty gives you peace of mind against expensive repairs. Almost all mechanical and electrical faults up to current market value^ Hybrid and electric vehicles. Parts not normally covered, including diagnostics, working materials and parts replaced in pairs, such as coil springs and shock absorbers.

What is parts are covered AA warranty?

Parts and Garage Cover, also known as Breakdown Repair Cover, helps you with the cost of repairs when your vehicle breaks down. It covers vehicles of any age or mileage, and includes: … 5 claims each policy year, or 6 if you cover more than 1 vehicle on a joint or family policy.

What does a warranty cover?

A car warranty is a contract that says that your car’s manufacturer, or the aftermarket warranty company you bought an extended warranty from, will pay for some repairs to your car. … Warranties cover problems the manufacturer considers defects and kick in when a component doesn’t live up to reasonable expectations.

What are the basic terms of a warranty?

It’s extremely important to understand every word of the agreement prior to signing.

  • Extended Warranty. The term used to describe the contract between the vehicle owner and the coverage provider. …
  • Deductible. …
  • Mechanical breakdown. …
  • Named component coverage. …
  • Power Train. …
  • Wear and Tear.
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Does AA warranty cover wear and tear?

Our Protect Plus product will cover you for wear and tear on covered parts up to 85,000 miles.

What can AA fix at roadside?

Your roadside assistance will always include: 24/7 cover for breakdowns over 1/4 mile from home. a tow to a nearby garage if we can’t fix your vehicle at the roadside. unlimited call-outs.

How do I make an AA Warranty Claim?

So, once you’ve agreed the work, ask the garage to call our claims team on 0344 579 0042. If everything’s ok, they’ll give you the go-ahead and a claim authorisation number – keep this safe in case you need to refer to it.

How does a warranty work?

With a full warranty, a company guarantees to repair or replace a faulty product during the warranty period. If the product is damaged or defective, companies offering a full warranty must repair or replace it within a reasonable time. … A limited warranty might cover only specific parts or certain types of defects.

What is warranty period?

A warranty period is the period of time that warrant free repair and adjustment services in case of a malfunction occurred under normal use that has followed instruction manuals. The period varies according to manufacturers, retailers, and products. … The certificate of warranty is valid only in the country of purchase.