Who does the clogging in the Geico commercial?

Who are the actors in GEICO clogging commercial?

Several readers have been asking, ”Who are the actors in the Geico clogging commercial? ” Josh Cheney takes the role of the husband and Ozioma Akagha takes the role of the wife. The couple loves their new apartment, and are in love with its natural light and hardwood floors.

Who is the clogging family?

LINDON — Clogging has taken the city by storm through the efforts of the nationally and internationally recognized dancing duo Greg and Maria Tucker. The Tuckers, a husband-wife duo, founded their school, Rocky Mountain Express in Pleasant Grove, in 1998 with 30 cloggers and four teams.

Who are the GEICO clogging family?

The commercial hit home to Vawdrey, whose feet have been known to spontaneously break into clogging at the grocery store. Photographs in the upstairs apartment were all actual pictures of the Tucker family: Greg and his wife Maria and their children Bailey, Garrett, 15, and twins Olivia and Grayson, 11.

Who are the Steele family cloggers?

Bryan and Bonnie Steele joined with Dennis Cobia as directors of two fledgling clog dance groups and began to spread the good news of “clogging”.

Is clogging Irish?

As mentioned in the previous section, clogging itself partially developed from Irish dance…and like the students of that discipline, cloggers also tend to dance in groups and dance on the downbeat of a song. However, there are some distinct features of clogging that separate it from both Irish and tap dance.

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Is clogging Irish or Scottish?

Clogging primarily developed from Irish step dancing called Sean-nós dance; there were also English, Scottish, German, and Cherokee step dances, as well as African rhythms and movement influences too. … Now, many clogging teams compete against other teams for prizes such as money and trophies.