Can you file an insurance claim days later?

How long can you wait to make an insurance claim?

Time limits for accident reporting by state

State Personal Injury Claim Statute of Limitations Property Damage Claim Statute of Limitations
California 2 years 3 years
Texas 2 years 2 years
Florida 4 years 4 years
New York 3 years 3 years

Is there a time limit to make a car insurance claim?

To make a claim for personal injury suffered in a car accident you can contact the State Insurance Regulatory Authority​ for more information. You may also want to get legal advice. There are time limits for making a claim​, which can be as short as 28 days after the date of the accident.

Do insurance claims have a time limit?

Personal injury claim time limits FAQ

In NSW, yes. The Limitation Act 1969 states that a person needs to establish the date of discoverability of the accident instead of the 3 year time limit. However, you can not bring a claim to Court more than 12 years after the date of the injury.

How long after accident can you claim?

You can sue for injuries from a car accident within six months of the accident, according to the California statute of limitations. You have three years to file for property damage.

Should I tell my insurance company about a minor accident?

Don’t worry. There is no need to contact your insurance company immediately after suffering a minor car accident. The most important thing to do is check that you’re okay and treat any injuries you have sustained.

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