Does unlocking bootloader void warranty xiaomi?

Does rooting Xiaomi void warranty?

As per the official response from the company, simply unlocking your Xiaomi or Redmi phone’s bootloader does not void its warranty. In fact, unlocking bootloaders is encouraged so that developer MIUI ROMs can be tested by users.

Does unlocking bootloader erase data Xiaomi?

Unlocking your bootloader is the first step required so as to be able to install TWRP, Root and so on. Below is how to unlock Redmi Note 8/8T bootloader: NOTE: Backup your data first. Unlocking will erase your data.

What will happen if I unlock bootloader?

If your bootloader is unlocked, you will be able to root or flash custom ROMs. But keep in mind that there is a reason why every Android comes with a locked bootloader. While locked, it will only boot the operating system that is on it. This is extremely important for security reasons.

Does unlocking bootloader erase everything?

Yes, doing the. Mfastboot oem unlock will factory reset the phone. You will lose apps and data.

Can I unlock my bootloader without losing data?

Yes, all the trick resides on that, avoid to boot up from fastboot but from a complete shut off state then the order to format data would be deactivated.

Does unlocking bootloader delete all data?

Unlocking the bootloader will wipe the data.

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What does the Bootloader do?

The Bootloader is the tool that loads the system software on the device and determines the priority for processes that run on the phone. … Unlocking the Bootloader allows you to install custom firmware on your Android phone and gives you full access privileges to make modifications to the phone.